Latest China Clinical Skills Visit

As well as my usual University, China Clinical Skills took classes at a new University. Very successful and excellent facilities. Everybody got a certificate- including me!

Latest visit for clinical skills- March 2019

1/ 2 universities this time, so about 80-90 students. So I thought 100 suture pads= problems fitting into a suitcase. Then I realised obvious thing – I can make a kind of sandwich, with chamois skin on each side of the sponge, use each 2 X = usual 50 to carry. 2/ Recruiting teddys etc. from charity shops for more legs to bandage. 3/ Found “big head” for better tubing model, but never seem to have a mouth, so I […]

Fame at last? From a newsletter at Zhejiang University. Copy and past the link, then click on translate when it appears in Chinese. As you would expect, the translation is not very accurate!

Good news for China Clinical Skills Vet Appeal

This time was my fourth year of doing it, and for the first time the University have actually paid me some money for it. They paid for my flight, and actually paid me teaching time! This will very likely continue so it means I can now try to also do it at another University after Zhejiang University also, and an attempt to organise this is being done now by a friend at Zhejang University. (It is very much who you […]

Hull 10K Run

2 photos of me- the only “selfies” i have ever taken. Show me before and then 50 minutes and 5 miles later, after a run on a pretty cold night, at the beginning of April (Hence the clothes.) Note the position of the hat – carefully chosen, Super Dry, slightly too big, number 2 son’s hat. This is so it slowly slips down over my face, thus ensuring I am even less likely to be recognised running through the town […]

China clinical skills followed by Hong Kong in May

Back to Hangzhou University for 10 days, followed by a couple of weeks locum in Hong Kong. As usual a few things need maintenance – one of the I/V arm valves was broken by a nurse, so I have had to make a sort of drip cup for it under the valve, the DIY in-tubation model that looks a bit like a Scottish pair of bagpipes, needed an overhaul, and I like to make a few improvements, so this year […]

Another visit to Hong Kong over Christmas, and later, Singapore

Some of the great Christmas displays they have in Hong Kong over Christmas,                                and some random other pictures                                                                                                […]

Back in HK for months locum after 1 week in Hangzhou, teaching clinical skills


Taiwan, Macao, odds and sods

                                                1/ First picture is some of the “naff” presents for family back home. I thought, what “naff” thing can I get them? Waving cats of course; and they are ideal- no excuses for letting the batteries run out “accidentally”, so they stop waving; no,these are solar ones! 2/ Next picture is of┬álovely Wong Shek pier in […]


I had a great time in my few days in Singapore – I had forgotten how hot it had been in HK, as it is much cooler there now, but about 30 Deg C still in Singapore. I arrived early at 12, on the Thursday so I had half a day to explore, then the interviews on the Friday (plus a lovely Chinese meal with other members of the RVC staff, followed by a walk along the beautiful sea front […]